Across the Vacuum

I've been writing haiku seriously for about three years, and the first place to ever pay me for writing was The Haiku Journal. Since then, I've been exploring the poetry form for science fiction and other speculative genres. My "scifaiku" have been featured in a number of places, including Star*Line, the Science Fiction Poetry Association's... Continue Reading →

2020 Fiction Year in Review

While 2020 has been... interesting... It has been a good year for my writing. My New Year's Resolution in 2019 was to sell a story that would qualify me for the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA). Thanks to "One for the Aegis," I'm now a member. I had a viral tweet that... Continue Reading →

I Was Famous Once.

Not long ago, I went viral. The definition of “viral” is in question, but it’s safe to say that one of my tweets got far more attention than usual. 2.5 million impressions 16k likes 300,000 engagements Well, here’s the raw data so I don’t have to keep going: The equivalent of a minor Trump Tweet, but... Continue Reading →

Is “Said” Dead?

An Analysis of Dialogue Tag Use by Marcus Vance Some writers will tell you that “said” is all you need—that your dialogue itself should answer any questions as to how the character speaks, and their tone. Other writers will tell you to revel in the vast expanse of language. These writers will say your characters must... Continue Reading →

Don’t Stop Writing

When I finished my very first short story a few years ago, I immediately put it into the submissions game. I got one rejection, then two, then I just quit. I quit writing, quit editing, quit submitting. I felt dejected and hopeless. I hung up my hat. Then a few years passed, and I found... Continue Reading →

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