Do Swords Have Any Place In Science Fiction?

The lightsaber in Star Wars is a key aspect of Jedi and Sith alike. The Chainswords is an effective weapon against the enemies of the Warhammer 40k Space Marine. But do swords in any form really have a place in science fiction? Are they just nerds trying to throw swords in because they think they're... Continue Reading →


Is “Said” Dead?

An Analysis of Dialogue Tag Use by Marcus Vance Some writers will tell you that “said” is all you need—that your dialogue itself should answer any questions as to how the character speaks, and their tone. Other writers will tell you to revel in the vast expanse of language. These writers will say your characters must... Continue Reading →

Don’t Stop Writing

When I finished my very first short story a few years ago, I immediately put it into the submissions game. I got one rejection, then two, then I just quit. I quit writing, quit editing, quit submitting. I felt dejected and hopeless. I hung up my hat. Then a few years passed, and I found... Continue Reading →

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